Simple Advice for Being a Good Friend

Most of us would assume that there are few things we can learn from a few girls in their early 20s who seem to do nothing but drink, party, and teeter around on heels too high, in shorts too short. However, in a recent interview, Snooki and JWoww of the Jersey Shore actually had some pretty good advice for women. It has to do with being a good friend. I’ve taken their advice and turned it into something every woman relates to (because we don’t all know what the lingo is for girls that age…even I had to do some googling to figure it all out!).

Be Nice

No one wants a friend who is great to your face and awful behind your back. Growing up you realize that you’re never going to stop talking about people, you just realize that you should limit the people you talk about to those you don’t like and have no relationship with. Never say something negative about those you love and cherish. Additionally, it’s not called talking behind someone’s back if that person knows you aren’t best friends to begin with.

Be Honest

No one wants a friend who says, “OMG! You look so good with that hair cut,” when your five-year-old snipped your hair while you weren’t looking. Someone who isn’t willing to help you look your best just so she looks better is not a real friend.

Respect Your Roles

If one of you is the decision maker and the other is the one along for the ride, don’t try to change things. Your relationship works for a reason. You both bring something to the table in your friendship, which is exactly what you should always bring to the table. If your friend is super organized and on top of everything, let her be that way. Don’t try to take over her role.


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