Shortcuts You Should Not Take in Life

Everyone wants life to be simpler and therefore, most people look for shortcuts wherever possible. While a shortcut is sometimes the obvious answer, it’s sometimes the worst choice. There are things you can take shortcuts on that will get you ahead in life – like that new highway to grandma’s house that saves you 2 hours of travel time – and there are things that won’t, like putting in half the effort at work because you’re tired or bored. Here are three shortcuts you might consider taking that you will regret.


So you’re not living the life of your dreams, but it’s good enough, right? Wrong. If your life isn’t what you want but you settle for it because you don’t think you have another choice or you don’t think that you deserve anything different, you are wrong. Settling for a life that’s not what you want is not acceptable. You’ll only live to regret it; spending your life wishing you’d taken a chance and worked on making life better.

Relying on Chance

There’s no such thing as a perfect plan, but any plan is better than no plan. If you leave your entire life to chance, “Oh, I’ll be able to afford those payments when they come along,” without an actual plan for making it happen, your life is going to be one full of regret.

Keeping Up with the Crowd

When you make decisions simply because they’re the popular choice or because it’s what everyone else is doing, it’s a bad sign. Your choices should be made only because you want to make them; not because you think that it will make other people happy. Here’s a newsflash; the rest of the crowd might be doing something for their own reasons but they certainly don’t care what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

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