Secrets To A Happy, Lasting Marriage For A Lifetime

The success rate of marriage isn’t as high as we would like it to be with one in every two marriages ending in divorce.  But there are things that you can do to make sure your marriage is a success.  There are certain behaviors that couples that last take part in on a regular basis.

Couples that have a happy, lasting marriage complement each other and speak positive words to and about one another.  When you make a conscious effort to be kind and speak lovingly it is like making a deposit into your marriage bank to keep it going.  Negative words are like withdrawals, they take away the feelings of good will.  Even if negative words must be spoken at times you should make sure you are speaking positively more often than negatively.

Couples that have a happy, lasting marriage spend time together on a regular basis.  We all know how hard it is to get a babysitter but it turns out it is more important than you know.  You need time to talk and reconnect.  It is important to focus on one another.  If getting a babysitter is out of the question then put them to bed and sit and talk or watch a dvd together.  The point is to establish a routine time you spend together.

Don’t get lazy with affection or expressing your love for another.  Couples that have a happy, lasting marriage are affectionate even after many years together.  Make it a habit to kiss hello and goodbye and say I love you.  Hold hands when you walk or sit together.  It keeps you connected both physically and emotionally.

One last thing that couples that have a happy, lasting marriage do… they stick with it for that long haul.  Divorce is not an option for them.  They are fully committed to each other and it shows.


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