15 Savvy Tips To Save Money On Beauty Products And Services


If you are like most women, beauty products are something that you invest a lot of her money in.  Thankfully, there are some tricks to help you save money.  Beauty products include cosmetics, hair products, nail products, products such as perfumes and body washes, lotions, etc.  Beauty services are services such as having your hair or nails done.  There are ways you can save money on both.  When you take into account the amount you spend in an average month on these services and products, it makes sense to save money where you can.

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1. Quality Not Quantity

If you know that you love a certain beauty product, then you are usually better off spending the money up front to purchase it.  If you try to find a cheaper replacement for it, chances are that you will be dissatisfied and may end up purchasing the original product you wanted in the first place.  It is usually cheaper in the long run to purchase the product that you know is quality than trying out 5 cheaper alternatives and being dissatisfied with them.  If there is a product you know you love that has a bit higher price tag, you will save money by buying it right up front.

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2. Use Coupons

There are coupons to be found for beauty products.  They are not as readily available as food coupons but with a little digging you can find some that will help you to save money.  You can find coupons in the newspaper or in magazines for beauty products.  There are also some that available to print online.  Another type of coupon you can use is a coupon code.  This is primarily a coupon that you use when you are purchasing products online.  You can search for them as well.  With some careful searching, this is another way to save money.

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3. Use It Up

Most of us do are bad to throw a beauty product away before it is actually empty.  Taking care to completely use a product up will help it to last longer and keep you from having to buy a replacement for a little bit longer, which is another way to save money.  Sometimes you have to think creatively when it comes to using up a beauty product.  For example, you can use a lipstick brush to finish using your lipstick up and you can turn your lotion, shower gel and hair product bottles upside down to get the very last bit out.

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4. Buy In A Bigger Size Or In Bulk

A lot of times when you are shopping for beauty products, you will see them offered in a two pack.  Usually, this is a better buy if you take the time to divide and see what the individual price would be.  Another way to save money is to buy your beauty products in a bigger size.  Yes, it takes more money when you are buying it but if it will last longer than buying the smaller size at a higher price, then you are actually saving money.  Always be sure to bring a calculator along when you are out shopping so you can check for the best deal.

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5. Be A Loyal Customer

It pays to be a loyal customer.  If you go to the same hairdresser for years, she will probably do you a few favors along the way like buying you the styling tools you are pining for at her cost which will save money instead of you buying them at retail price.  There are also some other perks you will enjoy such as your stylist being more willing to work with your schedule.  There are also salons that offer loyalty programs to their customers, which is something to check into.  It never hurts to ask, either.

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6. Shop Around

You do not have to buy your product at the closest store to you.  You might be overpaying.  It is always wise to compare prices and see where you can get the best deal on the beauty products you are shopping for.  Sometimes you will find a really great deal online that is much cheaper than buying it at your local drugstore or department store.  A lot of times, you can even take a sales add from another store into your regular store and they will honor the sale price offered at the other store.  Shopping around is a great way to save money.

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7. Figure Out Which Products Matter Most

We all have products that we love more than others.  It is okay to have some products that you know are an absolute splurge for you.  Those are things that you really enjoy.  But it is important to take time to think about what you really care about when it comes to your splurges.  For example, if there is an eyeliner that you just can’t live without, that is one of your splurges.  But if eye shadows isn’t a product you don’t particularly love any brand in, then you know that is one you can save money on.

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8. Don’t Write Off Drugstore Brands

Don’t be a brand snob.  It is fine to have a love affair with a brand of a certain product but don’t be unwilling to try drugstore brands once in a while.  There are some wonderful drugstore finds.  One of my favorites is Caress Evenly Gorgeous Body Wash.  The scent is a mixture of brown sugar and karate butter and for around four dollars a bottle, it is a deal that can’t be beat.  Ask your friends what their favorite drugstore finds are and give them a try.  You may find a product you love and save money at the same time.

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9. Use Your Connections

Use your connections to help you save money.  If you have a close friend who does nails or a favorite aunt who does hair, it might pay to go to them for those services.  Of course they are in their career to make money but they might give you a bit of a cheaper rate than their other customers.  Another way to use your connections is to barter for services, which is a great way to save money.  For example, if your hair dresser is looking for someone to be a pet sitter and you can do that for them, you can work a deal out in trade.  The options are limitless here.

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10. Do It Yourself

If you are great at doing your nails, coloring your hair or another beauty service, there is no need to pay for it when you could do it yourself and save money.  You can save a ton of money by doing your own beauty services.  Beauty services are a very large percentage of what women typically spend in beauty.  Just because your friends all go to the salon for those services does not mean that you need to do the same.  Chances are, if they had the talent you did, they would do provide their own beauty services, too.

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11. Take Advantage Of Sales And Specials

You can save money if you shop carefully.  Take advantage of sales and special promotions.  There are many different brands that offer promotions such as Estee Lauder and their gift time.  Mary Kay consultants usually give a birthday discount to allow you to purchase products at a discount the whole month of your birthday.  The point is, whatever brand it is that you love, shop smart with it.  If you are shopping at a department store, ask them what they offer and when is the best time to get that deal.

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12. Ask For Samples

One great thing about shopping at higher end stores for your beauty products is that they give out samples.  Sometimes you have to ask for them and don’t be embarrassed to do so.  You spend a lot of your money on their products, it won’t hurt them to give you samples.  Another advantage of using samples is that it gives you a chance to try before you buy.  This way you won’t be spending out money on a product you end up not loving after all.  Making sure a product works for you before you buy it is a great way to save money.

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13. Take Care Of Yourself And Your Products

After you pay out all that money on beauty products and services, you want them to last, don’t you?  Try to take care of your hair style by using the right products on it such as color safe shampoo and conditioner if you have your hair colored or whatever specific hair products you need.  Take care of your beauty products by keeping up with them and not being careless with them.  Most of us have felt the great disappointment of finding a tube of lipstick melted in a hot car.  You can save money when you don’t have to buy a replacement product.

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14. Make Your Own

Making your own beauty products is not a new idea but it is one that hasn’t been done often.  You can save money when you make your own beauty products.  You can find tons of recipes online for making your own lip balm, lotion, sugar scrub and more.  Pinterest is a website that is full of great ideas and you are sure to find recipes for homemade beauty products.  You will probably find that you like the beauty products you made yourself preferable to the ones you can buy because you can tweak the recipe yourself to your individual taste.

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15. Do Your Homework

When you are in the market for a new beauty product, it makes sense to do your homework before you make your purchase.  Rushing out to buy a product without doing some research on it is a sure way to have buyer’s regret.  There are many great websites where you can read reviews on beauty products.  You can also ask your girlfriends if they have tried whatever product you are thinking of buying.  Some brands even have a return policy that allows you to exchange what you bought if you are dissatisfied.  It pays to check into the details and reviews to help you save money.

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