Reasons Why Arguing Is Good For Your Marriage

There are obviously going to be arguments in marriage.  Everyone hates to have them but it turns out there are some surprising benefits to having an argument, if done properly and sparingly.

Marriage builds a lot of tension between the couple with the daily grind of day-to-day life.  Frustrations build up and it is better to air them than to hold them in and seethe in silence.  Arguments can clear the air and get all of the lingering frustrations out of the way.  Rather than both parties in the marriage holding their tongue and being angry on the inside it is better to air your  frustrations and get it offer your chest.

If you don’t have an argument every once in a while, passive aggressive behavior is bound to crop up.  Because you are angry with one another over something and don’t give voice to it, your anger comes out in a different way.  Maybe you are angry with your husband because of something he said to you at your in-laws so you ‘forget’ to pick up his suit at the dry cleaners.  This is not helpful to rectifying the situation.  You are better off to let your spouse know what you are really upset about so that it can be dealt with and you can both move on.

Arguing is a form of communication and it is honest communication.  If you hold all of your grievances inside you are not being truthful with each other.  Your marriage deserves honesty to be the best it can be.

You don’t want to argue all of the time but having an argument every few months or so is nothing to worry about and all couples do argue at some point in time.  So have a good tiff every now and then and then comes the fun part, making up.


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