Practical Advice for Every Day Life


Advice is free and it is certainly not few and far between. Everyone has advice and most people are happy to share their advice with you, solicited or not. Sometimes it’s great advice, such as a veteran mom telling a new mom to park as close to the cart return as possible to make it easier for her to get her new baby in and out of the car and into the cart at the supermarket. Sometimes it’s unwanted advice, such as your friends telling you that the man who just broke your heart is someone with whom you’re better off without. Everyone has advice; but these three pieces of advice will actually benefit you in every way.

Recognize Opportunity

One of the most hindering aspects of life is the fact that so many of us want so much more. However, we think that “more” is supposed to come knocking on the front door dressed as opportunity presenting itself to us on a silver platter. This doesn’t always happen for everyone. Sometimes opportunity is something that knocks and knocks and is left standing on the porch because it looks too much like work and effort. Recognize that there is no such thing as opportunity and success without work and effort and you’ll never miss another opportunity again.

Embrace Change

Change is not a bad thing. No one really loves it immediately, but when you look back on your life it’s easy to see how and why certain changes happened in your life. Most of the time, change makes you stronger, better, more intelligent and more aware of your life and how fragile it really is. Embrace change and learn to live with it.

Promote the Good Stuff

Focus on the good in your life and stop bashing things you are envious of or that you dislike. Promote the positive in life and let go of the negative. You might be surprised just how much your life improves because of this simple mindset.

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