Overcoming Phone Anxiety One Step at a Time

Maybe it’s the invention of texting and email and social media messaging that’s caused it, but many women now face a certain fear and feeling of anxiety when it comes to talking on the phone. Since so many prefer to speak via text or email anymore, phone conversations have become something scary. The anxiety a woman feels when she answers her phone or is forced to dial a number to speak with someone is overwhelming. Here are three ways you can deal with phone anxiety if you suffer from it.

Write it Down

If you know you have to talk about something particular when you talk on the phone, do it with notes. When what you need to say is written down in front of you for you to see, you’re less likely to freeze up or stammer on the phone. Writing down what you need and/or want to say can help you overcome your phone anxiety.

Talk Somewhere Comfortable

A simple way to reduce phone anxiety is to sit somewhere comfortable and carry on your conversation there. For example, if you feel comfortable in your home office, talk there. When you carry on a phone conversation somewhere in which you aren’t comfortable, such as the back of a cab or the airport lounge, you will probably experience a little more anxiety than usual.


If you’re really that nervous about a phone conversation, such as an interview or something of that nature, consider practicing. Do it on the phone so that you can account for awkward pauses. Call your mom and ask her to be your guinea pig for this phone conversation. You can ask your best friend, your husband or anyone else you feel comfortable with. Your loved ones don’t want you to be nervous on the phone, so they’ll be happy to help.


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