Some Helpful Hints When You Are A Mom Recovering From Surgery

Recovering from surgery is a process that takes time but is a little more complicated when you are a mom.  You don’t have the luxury of endless rest and relaxation while your body recovers.  I found this out recently when I had some minor surgery and returned home to a family that was ready for Mom to be well.  Here are some little tricks I learned to help me get the rest I needed while I was recovering from surgery.

Wear your pajamas.  As silly as this sounds, it is a signal to your family that you are down and need time to rest.  In addition, don’t do things for them.  Set up camp in your bed or at the very least, on the living room sofa.

Expect your family to come to you for help.  If they are used to you taking care of everything, that isn’t going to change just because you are recovering from surgery.  Thankfully, my family was happy to help keep things going but I had to do a lot of step by step instructions to get them through each process.

Accept that they are not going to do things like you do.  It will be okay if they don’t sweep the corners for a couple of days or that the towels weren’t bleached.  Be thankful that they are willing to take care of things until you get back on your feet.

Don’t rush yourself to get better faster than you are able to.  It is very frustrating when you feel like you have to direct your family constantly on what to do to keep the house running while you are recovering from surgery but it is not worth the risk of injuring yourself doing something you are not well enough to do yet.  Take the time you need.  It may not be the time you wanted to have to enjoy watching television or sleeping your pain away but rest is healing so make sure you get the quota you need.

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