Marriage Advice You Wish You Had

Wedding season is upon us full-swing and with that comes all of the bridal shower advice cards and well-meaning messages of advice from your wedding guests. You know that you shouldn’t go to bed angry or forget to say you love one another as often as possible, but that’s old advice. Sometimes the best advice is the most random, useful stuff you will ever hear. Here are three pieces of marriage advice most people don’t share and everyone needs to know.

Growing Up is Optional

Getting married might make you feel more like an adult than ever before, but that doesn’t mean you have to become a stuffy, boring old couple. If you like to have fast food picnics in the park and play hide and seek in the house, go for it. The most fun, happiest couples are only adults when they need to be. The rest of the time, they’re children with the heart of a couple lovesick teenagers.

Two Do Become One

You hear it, but do you really think about it? You used to have your own bottle of wine at the end of a long day, now that one bottle needs two glasses. There’s two of you and only one bed. There’re two of you and only one remote. There’s two of you and only one bathroom. The best way to solve this problem is obviously to buy two of everything…or learn to share.

Never Argue When You’re Hungry

We all say things we don’t mean, but most of those things come out of our mouths during the moments we wish we were putting food into our mouths. Ever snapped at someone and immediately felt bad about it after you had something to eat? Save those fights for after dinner or your empty stomach might get you in trouble!


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