Making the Most of First Impressions


It’s perfectly natural to want everyone to love you the moment they meet you because your first impression is glowing, but it’s not realistic. Maybe most people will see that you’re a naturally likable, fun, intelligent and witty woman, but not everyone is going to get that message right away. It might take some people a little longer to see what a fabulous woman you are and some might never see it no matter how hard you try. If you’re worried about making a great first impression whether it’s with your future-in-laws, your new boss, a client or a new friend, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Smile; it’s contagious. Don’t frown or hold back on a big welcoming smile because it seems over the top. Smile. There have been studies performed in the past that specify that people warm up to someone who offers a genuine, real smile much faster than someone who seems reserved as if they’re holding back. Additionally, people who smile automatically come across as more intelligent, earnest and much friendlier.


Now that I’m speaking to you as I would a puppy in training, don’t ignore me. You should always offer a hand to those whom you are meeting for the first time. It gives off a good impression. What makes that first impression even better is using a firm, strong handshake that’s not too dainty or too rough. A confident handshake implies that you are a confident woman with everything going for you.


Not everyone is going to love you. There’s not one person in this entire world that everyone adores and loves. Even the most wonderful people in the world have enemies or those who simply aren’t fans. When you remember this as you’re making a first impression, it helps to calm you. You can’t do anything about the fact that some people simply haven’t any taste, so you might as well remember this because it helps you relax instead of trying too hard.

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