Make Your Early Morning Workout Easier in Three Steps

An early morning workout is a great way to get your heart pumping and your body ready for the day ahead. It’s also a great way to avoid putting off your workout for later, as so many people are prone to do. The unfortunate part of a good early morning workout, however, is the early morning part. If you are tired of going to bed with good intentions and waking up and hitting snooze, here are a few tips to help you get up and get moving with little effort.

Go to Bed Early

Your body needs a full 8 hours sleep to function correctly. This means you need to be asleep by 10 pm if you plan on waking up at 6 am to workout. Additionally, it helps if you avoid alcohol and caffeine from early evening on, because it interferes with your sleep schedule and makes you feel more tired in the morning.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Just like you get your kids ready for school the night before, do the same for your workout. Lay out your workout clothes, your music and your water and get ready in advance. This helps motivate you in the morning by getting you to your workout faster.

Put the Alarm Far Away

It is so easy to turn over and hit snooze without even thinking twice. However, if you put your alarm in the master bathroom or sitting room, you have no choice but to get up and turn it off, which means you’re up and ready to go to the gym or hit the treadmill. An added bonus is having kids; you don’t want to wake them up with the alarm so you will probably be out of bed and in the other room faster than you can imagine moving that early in the morning.


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