Make Life Simple By Adopting a Few Simple Habits


Life should be simple and enjoyable, but most of us make it more complicated and chaotic than it actually needs to be. We’re all guilty of occasionally creating a complicated mess that we call life, and many of us think that with kids, spouses, careers, homes and social lives that it’s impossible not to live a complicated existence. Actually, it is possible. We can make life simple by adopting a few good and simple habits in our everyday lives.

Plan Your Week

Spend an hour each Sunday preparing for the week ahead. This can mean doing anything from preparing your dinner menus and lunch menus for the week so that you can create your grocery list and make only one stop at the store to pre-planning all your outfits for the week for the entire family and getting them prepared for the week ahead. It also means looking at the calendar, seeing what’s on it and arranging your schedule in advance to best suit your time and needs.

De-Clutter Your Life

It might take you a while to do this if you’re particularly filled with clutter in different areas of your life. A good starting point is to spend some time before you leave work on Fridays straightening up your office and desk to rid it of clutter. This allows you to start Monday on a fresh, clean note. Clean out your drawers, closets, cars, handbags, book bags and anything else at home that makes you feel a little overwhelmed when you stare into the mess that it is. Now try to keep it clean.

Turn Off

Unplug your phone, computer, tablet, iPad, e-reader and anything else that allows you to connect to the outside world and spend a few hours every week focusing on something important to you. Perhaps you need “me” time to make your life feel simple again or maybe you need to spend some quality time with your family without interruption.

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