Make A Difficult Mother Daughter Relationship Work

Doesn’t it seem most of us have a difficult relationship with our mothers? And our daughters? At least to some extent?  Oh, sure you have the occasional mother daughter duos who are like best friends, but more often you find a mother daughter relationship with an undercurrent of tension or strife.

Although the votes aren’t in on exactly why this is, one thing we know is this.  We just can’t quite meet each other’s expectations.

The truth is there are some very real steps you can take to make your relationship with your mom, or your daughter, better.  The first step is to realize that we expect too much out of one another and make a conscious decision to give the other grace.  Realize and remind yourself we are all human and perfection is not attainable.

Have a forgiving attitude.  If your mother or daughter is having a difficult day and snapped at you, what is the response that is best for the relationship?  To snap back or stop and take a moment to think things over before you respond?  Why not ask what is wrong?  If you can help?  If they would like to talk?  Most of the time, the other will take you up on your invitation.

Like any relationship, a mother daughter relationship needs quality time to grow.  Are you taking time to do things together?  Why not plan a lunch date or a shopping adventure?  It’s a rare woman who doesn’t enjoy a shopping trip, with anyone willing to go.

Be thoughtful.  Be sure to remember dates significant to the other.  We are talking about dates beyond birthdays, here.  Remember each other’s anniversary, even the little holidays we don’t usually give gifts for like Thanksgiving.  What better time to show you are thankful?  Send a card just because you are thinking of the other.

With a little effort, your relationship can be easily transformed from difficult to delightful.


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