A Little Stress is Good for Your Life

Stress is never fun. It’s not supposed to be fun. It’s basically overwhelming worry in disguise. It’s all the worrisome, negative things in your life all in your mind at one time causing you to feel overwhelmingly crazed and stressed. However, according to Good Housekeeping, a little bit is actually a good thing. It does, believe it or not, have a few good traits that cause us to live productive, successful lives.

Stress is Motivating

Stress can motivate you when you channel it correctly. When you let it overwhelm you, it’s not good. When you let it provide you with the motivation you need to get things done and accomplished; it’s great. This probably explains why so many of us are procrastinators. Nothing makes us more motivated than the stress we feel at the last minute.

Stress Can Help You Relax

Believe it or not, stress can help you to relax. How is this even possible? Well, probably because when people begin to feel too stressed, they take a break. We don’t often take a break when we need to because we’re not feeling stressed. We wait until it gets a little overwhelming before we finally take the break we need to relax and calm down. That’s how stress causes us to relax and feel better about our lives; we need to relax to feel good. We’re just not very good at relaxing until we’ve worked ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

Stress Encourages Productivity

When you’re not feeling very productive, you don’t get much accomplished. When you’re stressed, you suddenly feel a bit more productive. Why? Because you feel that productivity will finally ease some of the stress you’re feeling. This might encourage you to get up, get organized and get to work. A little productivity in life is good.


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