Great Ideas For Bridal Shower Gifts That Are Both Fun And Unique

The season for weddings is upon us and with it, bridal showers will begin.  I have always found it a bit awkward to give bridal shower gifts.  Lingerie and other undergarments are such a personal gift to give to someone even if it is one of your dearest friends.  Also, women have different taste in lingerie and I always fear choosing something that does not suit their taste..  While one woman prefers something simple and made of a sheer material without much additional trimming, another might prefer lingerie that is entirely made of lace with elaborate designs.

So, in light of those reasons, I choose to do bridal shower gifts that I am comfortable giving and the bride enjoys receiving.  I oftentimes give a gift card to a lingerie store if I do not know the bride well so that it stays within the theme of the other bridal shower gifts.  If the bride is someone closer, such as a friend or cousin, I enjoy coming up with creative gifts.  I might do a gift basket filled with things I know the bride enjoys such as her favorite lip gloss, cozy socks, a book by her favorite author and bubble bath.  I might do a set of Essie nail polish, which is a gift that every woman loves receiving.  Gift cards are wonderful but can go far beyond a lingerie store.  Gift cards for a spa or a manicure and pedicure are always a hit as bridal shower gifts.  Bath and body sets or a bottle of her favorite perfume is a good choice is you know what fragrances she enjoys wearing.

After all, the point of giving a woman bridal shower gifts is to help her be her most beautiful.  There is much more to helping her look her best than just lingerie.


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