Hot Spots For Germs In Your Home And How To Kill Them

We really do not give enough thought to the amount of germs we are exposed to on a daily basis.  While some germ exposure is good and teaches our immune system to build itself up, there are some germs you definitely want to avoid such as strep throat, e-coli, influenza.  No one wants those or any of their illness causing friends, do they?

Let’s talk about some hot spots germs like to hang out… The first one is your remote control.  Think about how many times you come in the door, flip the tv on and channel surf before ever washing your hands.  Another one is your telephone.  We are quick to grab the phone when it is ringing even though we may have been up to our elbows in raw hamburger or chicken.

More hot spots include light switches and door knobs.  Door knobs catch so many germs.  People come in the house from being out in public and what is the very first thing they touch?  The doorknob.

Do you take your shoes off when you come in?  It turns out that you should.  Doctors have often warned that shoes carry in the majority of germs from the outside.  Take them off when you walk in to avoid contaminating your entire home.

More hot spots for germs include your car keys and the bottom of your purse.  How often do we ever clean those, ladies?  Don’t panic over the thought of the many germs; fend them off with Lysol or Clorox Wipes.

Although it tends to unnerve us to think of all of these germs there is an upside to it; it makes us aware of what is there so we can become more vigilant in cleaning.  It is a good idea to spray Lysol every couple of days in your home and use Clorox Wipes on those frequently touched surfaces.  Doing so can help prevent you and your family from getting sick.



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