Help Your Child Deal With A Bully And Speak Up For Themselves


There is nothing that is more heart wrenching than watching your child deal with a bully.  Many emotions go through you all at once; anger, fear for their safety, compassion for your child and anxiety are just a few.

I know this because my daughter went through a bully situation last year.  This topic strikes really close to home for me.  The good news is my daughter came out stronger on the other side and your child can too.

There are some very concrete things we can do when we know our child is dealing with a bully.  First of all, be very aware and stay on top of the situation.  Keep your eyes open and listen for what your child says and what they don’t say.  Read between the lines and decipher what is really going on.  Be honest with your child when you feel a bully is a problem.  Ask how she feels about that specific child and help her come up with ideas to handle the situation.

Bring the school in on it.  This is not the first move you need to make but if the situation is causing your child serious distress or you feel the situation warrants it, don’t be afraid to schedule a meeting with the school officials.  Your child has a right to go to school in a safe, caring environment without the threat of another child torturing them.

Also, when a bully strikes, it is time to go to work coaching your child on how to handle the situation.  Understand they are their own unique little person and will handle it in their style but you can certainly coach them and encourage them throughout the process. Role play with them and allow them to practice what they will say the next time the bully bothers them.

Remind yourself and your child this situation will not last forever.


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