Understand Why He Withdrawals When You Argue And How To Handle It Best

All couples argue.  But chances are, when an argument occurs, you handle it very differently.  If your man is like most men, he withdrawals during or immediately after an argument.  Though not all men are handle a heated disagreement this way, it is a very common reaction from a man and it can frustrate his girlfriend or wife to no end.  Women usually want to sit and work an argument out, even if it means talking for hours to come to a place where you are on common ground.  They won’t feel completely at ease in their relationship again until that occurs.

So let’s take a look at why he withdrawals during an argument.  Women are generally much more verbal than men are and this can lead to him feeling overloaded when she comes at him with such a large amount of words that are coupled by strong emotions.  It can take him time to process and work through all of your words and feelings.  Men also often feel attacked during an argument.  Most men deeply want the respect of their wives and have a more fragile ego than they let on to the world.  When an argument occurs, she may have said something that hurt the pride he has kept so carefully guarded.

If he withdrawals during an argument, it is understandable that you are deeply frustrated with his reaction.  But the best way to handle this situation is to allow him the time he needs to process all that has been said and his feelings.  More than likely, in a short period of time, he will be coming to find you to work things out with a sincere and caring heart.  Trying to force things to work out before he is ready can backfire.  Be patient when he withdrawals during an argument and allow things to work out in their own time.

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