Have An Argument With Your Spouse That Does Not End in Screaming

An argument is never a fun thing to go through but if you are married chances are extremely high you have one from time to time.  It is a given when you are married and isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it can help to clear the air.

The important thing is to know how to have an argument without either of you losing your temper and saying things that you will regret which can lead to hurt feelings and resentment.

When there is an issue that you must have an argument about do so in a constructive manner.  The goal is to resolve the problem.  That being said, try to say things like “We need to get on the same page here”.  You need to remember you are a team even in the midst of an argument.  Remind each other you are on the same side.

Compromise is a magical word.  When you compromise each person gets a little of what they want and gives a little bit up.  Everybody wins.

Don’t bring up past arguments or other issues other than the one you are currently discussing.  Stick to the subject so you can resolve the problem and move on.

If it gets too emotional take a time out.  It is okay to take a time out if you are both getting too upset.  Just be sure and schedule a time to discuss it again the next day or whenever.  A time out doesn’t mean you are giving up; it just means you need time to calm down and think about things.

If possible, try to hold hands while in an argument.  This is difficult but if you can do it it will help to keep the love you have for each other at the front of your mind.

Don’t resort to name calling or saying things just to hurt each other.

Most of all, kiss and make up.  When you have resolved the issue be sure to say I love you to one another and restore goodwill.



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