Have A Better Friendship And Be A Happier Person

What is life without friendship?  Friendship is the outlet we go to when we need a break from the daily grind of work and family.  It is composed of the relationships we choose for enjoyment and happiness.

Yet, many of us find that our friendships with others are fledging, often pushed aside by the demands on our time.  Or if we do manage to carve out space for a much needed girl’s night out, we find we have a hard time getting the conversation going or say something that hurts our friends feelings, leaving us feeling like a heel for the remainder of the evening.

Why is something that is so vital in our lives is so difficult at times?  The truth is, friendship flows more easily when you follow these guidelines.

Be the friend you would like to have.  Really, when you think about it, would you choose yourself for a pal?  Think about the qualities you want in a friend and pour them into your friendships with others and watch them blossom.  We want a friend who is there for us when we need to talk, always ready for a laugh and will stand by our side through trials and troubles.  That is what we need to be in return.

Make time for your friendship.  You can’t expect a friendship to float if you don’t nurture it.  Yes, it is hard, but make the time.  Make a lunch date or plans for a shopping trip and keep it.  It will be worth it and you will return to your family a much happier and refreshed person.

Be understanding.  Realize that your friend struggles as much as you do in her life.  Cut her some slack if she has to reschedule a day you had planned.

Remember the little things.  Special days in your friend’s life should be on your calendar so you don’t forget them.  Even if it is just a card to say you wish them a wonderful day, it will be appreciated.

Friendship is an area of our life where we get out what we pay in.  To have a friend, be a friend.


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