Habits You Need to Change to Live Better


Your habits are unique to you, even though everyone has them. You might consider your daily habits something more of a routine or schedule that you defer to in order to keep your life and household running smoothly — we all do it. However, sometimes our habits aren’t that good. I’m not talking about bad habits, persay, I’m talking about habits that are derailing us from really living and enjoying life. Here are three habits that are more like ruts that it’s time to get rid of for a fuller life.

Just Do It

This is a challenging habit to rid ourselves of. We all say but on a regular basis. For example, “I’d love to go with you to Rome for a week in March, but I don’t think I can leave the kids for a week,” or “I’d love to join the gym and get healthier, but I don’t have time.” There are too many buts in our lives and it’s time to get rid of them. I challenge you for one month to stop saying but. Start accepting offers you wouldn’t ordinarily accept and stop saying that you’d love to, but. Just do it. You’ll find that you enjoy your life a lot more when you stop making your habitual excuses.


There is nothing wrong with a daily routine. We all need one to function. Our kids need their routine to stay on top of things and we need ours. However, the next time you’re tempted to have a second cup of coffee because the kids are still asleep and it’s a gorgeous day outside, have it. Break your routine. You don’t need to do the dishes before the kids go to school. Do them after. Take that second cup of coffee onto the porch and enjoy the solitude and beauty of a lovely morning. Breaking routine for something enjoyable every so often is a nice change of pace and it can really make a difference in your day.


Assumptions are a terrible habit. We all assume things from time to time. Let’s stop. Instead of assuming that the lady in front of us in the store is judging us for letting our kids eat giant bakery cookies and for buying disposable diapers, let’s not care at all what she thinks. It’s a great habit to let go of. Assumptions are usually incorrect and hurtful, so stop making them and live a life that’s just a bit happier.

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