Ideas To Have A Fun Girl’s Night Out Without Having Alcohol Involved

Having a girls night out is definitely an important part of a woman’s social life but what does she do if she isn’t up for drinking?  It seems almost every time you go out with the girls that there ends up being alcohol involved.  But it is possible to have a girls night out without drinking?  There are various reasons you might want to have a girls night out without alcohol being involved.  Maybe you are pregnant, driving, trying to count calories and don’t want to indulge in all that alcohol takes away from your daily allowance, trying to live a healthier lifestyle or have personal convictions.  Whatever your reason, there are plenty of other ways to have fun.

You can do lunch with your girlfriends instead of going out drinking at night.  This is a good idea because prices are lower on the menu than later in the day and if you have school age children, you have no need to hire a sitter because they are in school.  Going to the movies is always fun and you have the advantage when you go out with girlfriends of seeing the biggest tearjerker playing without having to listen to your husband fuss at your choice in movies.

Meeting at a coffee shop provides a nice way to get together to chat and catch up.  You have a relaxed atmosphere to visit in and yummy treats to go with that cup of joe.  Working out together is a great way to spend time with girlfriends as well as boosting your physical health.  You can get a gym membership together and go regularly at the same times or join a fun exercise class such as Zumba or a spinning class.

And what about shopping for a good girls night out idea?  Almost all women love to shop and can usually get better bargains when they are sober.

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