Have Younger Looking Eyes With These Three Simple Steps

Younger looking eyes are something we all want to possess as we are growing older.  No one wants the look of tired, saggy eyes.  No matter what your age is, there are some steps that you can take to keep your eyes appearing youthful.

For younger looking eyes, you want to avoid heavy, cakey foundations.  Choose a foundation that has a light formula or even a tinted moisturizer that will glide on smoothly.  When you wear heavy foundations, it will tend to cake in your wrinkles where a lightweight formula is much less likely to do so.  Also, you should use caution when applying foundation to the eye area.  Many women make the mistake of applying too much makeup to the eye area because they are trying to cover up the flaws they see there.  This actually makes them appear more prominently.  It is best to use a light hand while applying foundation to the eye area.

Another step you can take go get younger looking eyes is to only wear mascara on your top lashes.  Wearing mascara on the bottom lashes draws the eye downward where others will notice the dark circles and tiny wrinkles you may have.  Wearing mascara on the top lashes only makes your eyes look brighter and open wider.  A little secret to achieving this look is to use a business card or a Kleenex and place it in between your top and bottom lashes while you are applying mascara so that you don’t accidentally coat the lower lashes.

You can also help yourself to have younger looking eyes by applying a very pale eye shadow such as white or cream to your brow bone.  This helps to draw the eye upward as well.  It makes your eyes look like they are bright and alert.

Image Credit: Woman’s Day


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