Get That Sleek, Straight Hair That’s So In Right Now

Times, they are a’ changing.  Gone is the look of hair that was bobbed and curled under or even, gasp, curled out.  Today’s style is sleek and straight hair that looks like you just stepped off the cover of a magazine.  The style looks difficult to attain, but is it really?

The trick to having sleek, straight hair is to have the right products and tools on hand, and know how to use them.  It all starts in the shower, where you need to use a shampoo and condition that are specifically for straight hair.  It could also say for sleek hair, for smooth hair or some expression similar to those.  The point is to choose a shampoo that will encourage shiny, straight looking hair.

After you shampoo and condition, you need to comb out your hair and begin applying product immediately.  What products do you need?  First and foremost, a hair serum.  Hair serum, coupled with a flat-iron, are your new best friends.  Hair serum is an oil of sorts that will give your hair the high shine and make it lay correctly for you.  There are many brands you can choose from and everyone has their personal favorite.  The point is to find one that makes your hair look shiny and healthy without greasing it up.  A difficult feat, but possible.

Then, you need to spray your hair with thermal spray.  This is not a step to having straight hair, but a step you should implement to protect your hair from damage from the styling tools it takes to maintain straight hair.  Blow your hair dry while gently pulling the ends down, using gravity to help aid you in your quest for straight hair.  Lastly, use a flat-iron to give you the last finishing touch on this hairstyle.



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