Is She A True Friend Or A Frenemy? Ways To Tell The Truth

Having a friend is a wonderful thing.  It is a special relationship where you can share your thoughts and feelings and have fun together.  But what if you are doubting your friends motives?  What if you are questioning their motives behind wanting to be friends?  How can you tell if she is a true friend or a frenemy?

You can tell if she is a friend or a frenemy by watching her actions in different situations.  If she only wants to hang out and do things when it is convenient for her, she might not be the truest friend.  Maybe she calls you only after she has went through everyone else on her friends list.  This would be a sign she isn’t a true friend.

Watching her actions in a crisis situations will reveal a lot to you.  When something bad happens to you, does she stand by you?  Does she call to offer support when she knows you and your husband are going through a rough patch?  Does she do things like come to visit you, send flowers or bring a meal by when you have surgery?  Those are signs she is a true friend.

On the other hand, if things that you tell her seem to leak out and even spill to those that you most did not want to know about the conversations, she might be a frenemy.  If she seems to want to ask you nosy questions and also shares a lot of gossip with you, that is a sign to beware.  Those that gossip to you will usually gossip about you.

A frenemy will turn their back on your when trouble comes while a true friend will stick by your side.  A frenemy will find pleasure in your bad times but a true friend will hurt with you.  If you watch her behavior closely then you will be able to tell if she is a friend or a frenemy.



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