Four Ways to Sharpen Your Focus

Have you ever pulled into your garage after a long day and realized you have absolutely no recollection of your drive home? You wonder how you possibly made it, because you don’t remember traffic, turning, or paying attention at all. It happens to the best of us, I assure you. However, it does make you realize that sometimes your focus is off and you don’t really pay attention to what you’re doing. Not being able to focus on things is a problem that is much bigger than people think it is, which means that we all need to learn how to sharpen our focus.

Get Enough Sleep

Everyone needs at least eight solid hours of sleep each night. Even if you don’t feel tired after sleeping less than that, your body still needs that time to regenerate and your brain needs it for the same reason. Without enough sleep you aren’t performing at your best and your focus is dull.


It’s not just for people who want to lose a little weight. Exercise is required for everyone. It helps build your immune system, it removes feelings of depression, boosts your mood and improves your overall health. The recommended amount of exercise for everyone is at least 30 minutes per day. This will help you stay focused.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Doing the exact same thing day in and day out, even if you love it, gets boring after a while. When you become bored your mind starts to wander and you lose focus. The best way to keep your focus is to incorporate other tasks into your day to keep your mind sharp and ready to tackle anything thrown at you.

Don’t Dwell on Just One Task

If your to-do list is long, try rearranging it so you are doing different types of tasks at all times. If you have to write 50 thank you cards, try writing 10 at a time, moving on to something else, such as laundry or errands, write 10 more and then stop to exercise or pick up the kids, write 10 more and then start dinner. By keeping yourself focused on the same task for too long you will lose your focus and your work will suffer.


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