Four Offers You Should Never Accept

The word no is one that is liberating and freeing. You can say it when you want to and feel a sense of peace that you finally stood up for something you don’t want to do. However, even when you are perfectly aware of the power of “No” you sometimes want to say yes, and that is perfectly fine. Unless, of course, you are asked to do one of the following, in which case you should always, always say no.  Don’t take these offers!

Babysitting Your Boss’ Kid

NO! Say no. I don’t care how much he offers to pay you or how much you think it will make you look better in his eyes: Do not babysit for your boss. It’s the kiss of death.

After Work Happy Bashing – I Mean, Hour

It’s fine to go out with your coworkers to celebrate the success of a project you all worked very hard on, a birthday, or whatever else. However, if all your coworkers do when they get together is whine and bash your boss or job, turn them down. You don’t want to be associated with that type of office gossip should your boss ever find out.

Your Roommate/Friend/Sister/Mom Wants Your Money

This is a sticky situation because sometimes it is okay to lend these people money. However, if they are asking you to lend them money to start a new business that they are sure will take off and make them a mega-millionaire in about a minute, unlike the last four they asked you to fund, the answer is always no.

Your Boss Wants to Set You Up

This one requires no further commentary, but just in case here it goes. Your boss should have no interest in your personal life. Dating someone your boss sets you up with is a disaster, because you’re her employee and he’s probably a friend or work contact, which is never going to end well for you. You break his heart, you’re fired. He breaks your heart, she wants you to give him another chance. You get married, she wants to go to your bachelorette party. Really, it’s just a bad idea all around.


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