Five Life Hacks For School You Can Teach Your Kids

Kids are notoriously different when it comes to school. While one child might love school and look forward to attending class each day, others might wish they could skip school all together. It’s perfectly normal for your child to feel either way or a little combination of both. However, it’s also totally normal for your kids to need a little help, a little motivation if you will, to get through school as easily as possible.

Space Your Studying

When you take the time to space out your studying, you can learn more. Studies show that spending an hour cramming for a test on Thursday night is less effective than spending 10-15 minutes a day for three days studying for your test. It saves you time, stress and it makes you smarter to work ahead and only a little at a time.

Study Somewhere Comfortable

Sitting a desk is fine for homework but when it’s time to study, something more comfortable is necessary. Try sitting outside, lying in the grass, curling up in bed or somewhere else that’s comfortable and enjoyable. Not only does it help you learn more because you’re not distracted by discomfort, it also helps you enjoy studying just a bit more.

Prep the Night Before

This is a simple hack that makes school so much easier for your kids. All you have to teach them is to get ready the night before. They’ll get more sleep and feel much better when they take the time to lay out their clothes and get everything packed and ready to go at night. That’s an extra 20 minutes of sleep they could get in the morning.


When kids get outside and do something fun with their bodies, they will actually learn more and enjoy it at the same time. Exercise can help your kids learn to study more effectively by turning their brains onto the subject at hand. All it takes is 20 minutes of activity each day to help them power up their brains and become smarter.

Mix it Up

The brain likes when things are a bit different. It helps to do a little bit of homework for one subject before switching to a second one and then back. When you spend 10-15 minutes on one assignment and then switch to another, you’re far less likely to burn out and not do a good job on your work.

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