Facebook Is Good For Your Mental And Emotional Health

It seems everyone is on Facebook these days, from grandparents in retirement villages to your young teenage niece.  Facebook is the new way of connecting.  We hear a lot about how too much time spent on this website is a bad thing but it turns out there are benefits to using a Facebook account.

Facebook can be a great way to connect with business acquaintances.  For instance, you have lost the card of someone you met at a conference.  More than likely they are on Facebook and you can reconnect that way to get their contact info.

It is also good for advertising a business big or small.  Even if you have a very small home-based business, Facebook can be your best friend in getting the word out on sales or important information.

Facebook can be used to find out information.  You can ask if anyone has ever watched a certain movie, what experiences they had a with a specific brand and model of car or other questions along those lines.  It is a way to get a lot of opinions with a few seconds of typing.

Facebook can be a good way to stay in touch with family that lives a long distance away.  Grandma can see little Sally’s first day of school pictures or you can send an uncle a quick message or birthday wish.

It can also be a way for people to feel positive about themselves.  If someone ‘likes’ your picture or compliments you, it is a boost to the old self-esteem, no doubt about it.

For those that live alone, are older or are isolated for one way or another, Facebook can help prevent loneliness.  You can log on for a few minutes to talk to a friend or see what someone in your neighborhood is up to these days.

There are definite benefits to Facebook.



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