Dealing With A Bad Day So You Don’t Take It Out On Others

A bad day is no fun but everybody has them once in a while.  When you have one, you wan to make sure that you deal with it so that it doesn’t totally ruin the day or hurt your relationships.  Sometimes, when you have a bad day, you end up taking it out on others and that is never good.  Not only is it not fair to others, but it can hurt your relationships.

When I am having a bad day, I have learned it sometimes helps me if I can get off to myself for a little bit so that I can have a moment to get myself together.  In fact, it is better if I can just exit the situation with others for an hour or so, if possible.  That isn’t always possible to do when you find yourself dealing with a bad day, but it does help when you can do that.

Make a special effort to be kind when you are having a bad day.  This can be extremely difficult to do but it is possible.  If you do find yourself being a tad short or snappy with someone, it is best to apologize and explain that you are struggling with some things today.  Most likely, the other person will understand because they have been in your shoes before.

It is also wise to be extra kind to yourself when you find yourself having a bad day.  It might be a good day to treat yourself to something that you normally don’t such as a candy bar or maybe meeting a friend for lunch.  Whatever will make you smile is a good thing to do on a bad day.

For more information on this subject, Redbook has an article about how to get your bad day back on track that you may enjoy.

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