Creating Shareable Moments In Your Life (Sponsored)

That moment when your kids are smiling, laughing and running round holding hands without engaging in a screaming match over who is touching whom and who doesn’t want to be touched; it must be vacation. These are the moments you want to capture forever, to freeze frame in a perfect photo of what life’s most enjoyable moments really look like. They’re the ones you dreamt of when it came to having a family of your own. Precious moments in which your infant twins find one another in the night and you find them cuddled together in the morning, fingers intertwined, despite placing them feet apart the evening before.

These moments are different for everyone. They’re the moments that can’t be defined by articles on the internet, history books and how-to guides in your favorite magazine. They’re different for everyone. They’re the moments that make you stop and stand still, a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart. It’s moments that make you remember that nothing else really matters.

The end of summer is near. Kids are preparing to go to school and families are spending these last few precious hours enjoying some innocent fun in the sun and a few late nights before bed time routines, homework and football Saturdays return. What does that mean for you? It means it’s time to create a few last summer memories you can capture and hold near – summers like these are growing shorter and shorter. Here’s how to create a few lasting memories with your loved ones this summer.

Go Someplace New

Forget your favorite vacation destination; it’s time to find somewhere new and exciting to go. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune flying to Paris for dinner with an Eiffel tower view and a trip to the Louvre to see famous works of art. It can mean something as simple as finding a small town nearby that has its own passenger train that takes you somewhere you’ve never been. It could mean finding a park you’ve never gone to, or letting your kids pick the plan for the day from start to finish. There’s something fun and exciting about capturing moments on film that are new to the entire family.

No Technology

Goodbye iPhone, iPad, iPod and iAnythingElseThatCanConnectYouToTheInternet. Remember that thing you used to use back in the days when you walked five miles to school uphill, in the snow, both ways? It’s called a camera – and it’s not attached to anything that can connect you to the internet. The most memorable moments in life don’t happen when you’re updating your status, they happen when you disconnect and re-engage. Take a real camera to capture those summer memories and forget WiFi.

Be Spontaneous

Sure, planning for vacation is certainly much simpler and much less stressful, but it’s also pretty stressful when you really think about it. Instead of pre-planning, do something spontaneous. Wake up tomorrow morning and tell your family to pack a bag and point to a map. That’s where you’re going and you’ll figure it out when you get there. How’s that for a lasting family memory?


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