The Most Costly Home Decor Mistakes You Can Make


Home is where the heart is, and we all enjoy being surrounded by items we love. We all have different styles, tastes and preferences when it comes to home, and there is nothing wrong with that. Our home is a beautiful mixture of light and bright, chic and elegant and “up high” so that our 2-year-old twins can’t reach it, find it, or break it. One day it will be a little more cohesive, a lot more functional and a lot more gorgeous. For now, though, it’s as amazing as we can make it without putting our beautiful items at risk of our twin hurricanes. What is your personal style?

What I love about being a first-time visitor to someone else’s home is seeing how they put together their own vision. I always find myself wondering when I approach a country-style home with dormers and hardy board if they will have the same type of country-chic, rustic interior. When I approach a Victorian, I wonder if their home is filled with lovely antiques and original items. Modern apartments make me think of sleek and sophisticated décor. Sometimes I’m correct, and other times I could not be further from the truth. However, it’s always fun to guess. We might all be different, and we might all have different styles, but there is one thing that we all have in common.

We all make decorating mistakes. Fortunately, they’re usually pretty affordable. Perhaps you choose the wrong shade of paint for the bathroom. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive fix. Or perhaps you don’t like the new chairs you bought for your new dining room table; you exchange them and move on. Other mistakes, however, aren’t so easy to bounce back from. Some mistakes ae actually quite costly; we’ve narrowed them down for you so that you can see which decorating mistakes you might be making that are costing you far more than you ever imagined possible.

You Rush

This is my biggest problem. When we built our first house and when we bought this house, I made sure we were packed and ready to go on moving day, and that every single thing was unpacked, put away, hung up, organized, cleaned and it looked as though we’d lived in each house forever by the time we went to bed the same night we moved. I don’t like things undone, messy or in transition.

However, it’s sometimes the best decision to wait when decorating. Sometimes you cannot find what you want. I have made the mistake many times of settling for the next best thing, and I always end up finding what I want and replacing what we already purchased. It’s happened so many times that I’ve learned that sometimes not having a piece in a room for a while is all right. It’s far better than buying something only to replace it a few weeks later. That gets quite expensive.

Take your time, look for what you want, and don’t be apologetic about it. There is nothing wrong with taking your time and doing what you want with your home décor.

You Don’t Look Around

When my husband began working from home a few months ago, we had to go out and find him some office furniture to put in my home office so we can share. We went to one store we really love, purchased him two new desks for all of his equipment, a new shelf with shelves and doors, and a gorgeous new decorative office hair. The chair was very pricey, but it was what he was looking for.

About an hour later, we decided to run into the local Home Goods to grab a few things we needed for some holiday décor, and we ended up seeing an identical chair there; it was half the price. If we’d only looked around for a bit, we would have known that ahead of time.

You Buy Trendy Items

I am not a fan of trends. It’s not something I have ever found interesting or worthwhile, and it’s not something that I care for. Why? Because trends are fleeting; and they make me feel like part of the crowd. I’d rather spend my money on classic pieces that never go out of style than only love my décor for a year before I’m ready to replace everything. Do you see how expensive that might become?

 You Make the Cheap Decision

Saving money is a huge deal; I know this. However, sometimes it’s not as inexpensive as you might believe. In fact, sometimes it’s actually far more expensive in that it’s going to cost you more in the long run. Pieces that you want to keep for a long time – think your dining room table and your bedroom furniture – are far better when they are made with quality and care. You don’t want to go cheap on these options and have everything fall apart or begin to look old and gross before long.

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