Gain Confidence And Grace To Handle The Social Events In Your Life

Social events can be overwhelming and make you feel like a bundle of nerves before you attend and during the time you are there.  You don’t have to go on feeling that way.  There is a way to deal with these feelings so that you have the confidence and grace you need to get through the social events in your life.

The first step is to take a minute to remind yourself that at least some, if not many of the other people there may be feeling nervous, as well.  They aren’t any different than you are.  They are just people and no reason to become intimidated.  Remind yourself that you are a successful and interesting person that anyone would be lucky to chat with.

Watch your body language while you are at social events.  Standing certain ways, such as with your arms crossed and staring at the floor can make you look like you don’t want to interact with anyone else.  It can be like holding up a sign that says go away.  A better way to stand would be with your hands clasped lightly in front of you and a small but friendly smile on your face.  Don’t panic if you find yourself without someone to chat with momentarily.  You don’t have to fill every available minute.  Take a moment, and when you are ready, find someone else who needs someone to talk to.

Ask questions.  People can talk about themselves more easily so one of the best keys to being a good conversationalist is to let them talk.  But know how to fill your end of the conversation, too.  Be ready with a funny story or a comment to show you were listening.

Relax.  Your tenseness will show.  Just be yourself and you may find that the social events you dreaded so desperately have become almost fun.

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