Are You A Chronically Late Person? Use These Tips To Be On Time

Chronically late people are people who are late for everything.  They are late for work, for their appointments, for personal engagements.  We are all late on occasion but chronically late people are always late.  Why is punctuality such a huge problem for them?  Well, it turns out they could be chronically late for several reasons.

One reason people are chronically late is that they deem their time to be more valuable than anyone else’s and therefore don’t put any effort into being on time assuming that everyone will wait on them.  If this is the case, then there is nothing that can be done until the chronically late person realizes their thinking is selfish.

Another reason people are chronically late is that they get distracted by things when they are getting ready.  For instance, they might be doing great on getting ready on time when they suddenly notice there are toys scattered all over the living room and stop to pick them up.  As they are carrying them to put them away, they pick up their children’s dirty towels and decide to start a load of laundry.  If this is the reason that is causing them to be chronically late then their fix is the most simple of all.  They simply have to learn to focus on getting ready to leave and let the distractions go by until they return home.

The last reason that people are chronically late is that they mismanage their time.  They think they can be ready quicker than they really can.  These people can learn to have different behavior.  The first step for them is to time themselves and see how long it actually takes them to get ready.  Once they know that, they can accurately figure when they need to start getting ready to leave.

Breaking the habit of being chronically late is difficult but it can be done.





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