Do You Break The Rules Of Cell Phone Etiquette? Find Out Here

Do you break the rules of cell phone etiquette?  Cell phone etiquette is a relatively new subject.  We weren’t really using cell phones 25 years ago, at least not anywhere near the intense way that we use them today.  Today, we not only use our cell phones for phone calls but also for texting, surfing the internet and many more uses.  We rely on them in a way that can be very alarming if we really stop and think about it.  We keep them at our sides and check them hourly, if not more often.  The reality is that cell phones are a very big part of our lives today and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

But what can change are the poor manners that we have when it comes to our cell phones.  For a society that appreciates manners, we don’t use them very well in combination with our cell phones.  We seem to think that all etiquette should fly out the door when it comes to our cell phones.  But we still need to use our manners when it comes to our cell phones.  We need to practice cell phone etiquette.

Cell phone etiquette means that we don’t choose our phone over the people that we are with.  If we are talking with someone, we ignore the beeps and buzzes that alert us that we have a new text.  We allow the other person to finish speaking with us before checking our phones.  We turn our cell phones off when we are at an appointment or in a place where quiet is requested such as library or a movie theater.  And while we are on a call, we do not raise our voices to talk over others that are speaking in the same room.  We excuse ourselves to handle our call.

Cell phone etiquette is always appreciated by others.  After all, don’t you appreciate it when others follow it?


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