You Will Become A Better Conversationalist When You Follow These Tips

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to say to people?  Maybe you have trouble when you meet someone new or perhaps you have trouble any time you have to make conversation that you aren’t close to.  That can be an awkward situation but there are tips you can follow to become a better conversationalist.

The first thing to do when you are trying to improve your attempts at conversation is to just relax.  There is nothing to be nervous over.  Being nervous just makes the issue worse because then you can’t think of anything to say because your nervousness is all you can concentrate on.  The other person might be nervous, too.  Don’t discount that fact. Being a good conversationalist means being at ease in these situations.

Secondly, don’t be afraid to make the first move and introduce yourself if you are meeting someone new or open the conversation if it isn’t a completely new person.  Chances are the other person will be thankful you did and appreciate you for doing that.  They will be all too happy to get the conversation rolling.

If you hit a lull, asking questions always helps to keep the conversation going and saves you from having to fill the space with empty words.  Asking questions is like throwing a lifeline to the other person because you are giving them something definite to talk about.  They will appreciate you for being a good conversationalist and keeping the conversation going.  Also, when you ask questions, that will put others at ease and give them an opening to talk comfortably.  Most people can talk about themselves nd feel at ease.  So asking questions is a great help when you are working on being a good conversationalist.

But be ready to fill the silences if the person you are chatting with can’t.  Don’t worry about feeling awkward.  The silences are much more awkward than your words.  With time and practice, you will be a great conversationalist.

Image Credit:  Mental Health Organization of UK  


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