Avoid Regret by Making Necessary Life Changes Now

The thing about regret is that once you have it, it’s too late. For many, regret happens after life has moved on and time has passed. What you don’t want in life is to spend your final years looking back on your life with regret over anything. Here are the three biggest regrets the elderly state they have. Take their advice and don’t let these things become the things you regret when you’re their age.

Life for You

The number one regret people have as they get older is the fact that they lived their lives more for others than they did for themselves. They spent too much time working a job they hated because they wanted to look good for others. They spent too much time with people they didn’t like because they thought it was the “right” thing to do. Essentially, they spent too much time focusing on living their lives either to keep up with or impress the “Joneses” or because they wanted to please others. If you feel that’s where your life is headed; make a change now.

Spend More Time With Loved Ones

The second biggest regret people have as they grow older is not spending enough time with their loved ones. It’s simple; we work too much, engage in too many social activities and schedule ourselves to the limit. At the end of your life, will you remember the hours you spent working after hours to impress your boss or will you remember the hours you spent at home building blocks with your kids, watching your son play ball or your daughter run track?

Express Yourself

When your life is coming to a close – as they all tend to do – will you regret telling someone you love them too much or will you regret not telling them enough? Unexpressed feelings are the third biggest regret people have as they grow older.

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