Amazing Life-Changing Bathroom Cleaning Tips for All Homeowners


Bathrooms freak me out. I wear shoes in the shower – even my own – and I cannot touch anything in them. I am a bathroom freak in a way that is probably not healthy, but it’s just that they gross me out so much. I have a thing about grout in showers and tubs that makes me feel squeamish. I don’t know what it is, but it’s the thought of grout in the corners of tubs that are against the wall that freak me out. I can’t even give our kids a bath unless it’s the twins and it’s in our large kitchen sink. I just cannot handle grout.

I also hate toilets. I hate them. I hate when the lid has been placed down and I have to touch it to lift it. And this is in my own house. Bathrooms are gross, and I hate them. I even hate cleaning them, no matter how clean I like them. I bet it’s safe to say that most people aren’t listing things like “Bathroom Cleaning” on their list of favorite things to do; no one likes to clean the dirtiest and nastiest room in the house, after all. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there is something oh-so right about the fact that I just came across a couple of tips that changed the way we clean the bathrooms around here.

To be fair, my husband is the primary bathroom cleaner. I don’t mind keeping the granite and the mirrors clean, the clothes in the baskets and everything organized; but I don’t like to clean the shower or the tubs or the toilet rooms. He’s so great about doing that, though. So, we’ve been introduced to a few simple tips that have changed the world for us in terms of bathroom cleaning, and I thought I might share. This is the kind of stuff that people love, so let me help you love it even more.

Sink Drain Cleaner

It’s so gross when I lean down to spit out my toothpaste and I see a dirty drain in my bathroom sink. The good news is that you can clean it quite easily and effectively when you simply use an old mascara wand to get down into the sink drain and make everything look fresh and new. Since your mascara needs to be replaced every so often as it is, this is a great piece of advice to use as a reminder to get rid of old mascara and to clean the drains – just be sure to get the mascara off the wand first.

Toilet Bowl Brush Cleaner

All right, so you know how you use a toilet bowl brush to keep the toilet clean, right? We all have a couple, usually sitting in a little container in each bathroom tucked discreetly behind the toilet somewhere. You use that to clean your toilet, but what do you clean that with? My guess is nothing, and that is so disgusting. Let’s make sure it’s all clean and all good by putting just a small puddle of Pine Sol in there so that the tip of the brush sits in that all the time. It disinfects, and it makes the brush smell so much fresher.

Shower Head Cleaning

Do you honestly feel clean when you get into the shower and see all the grime and water deposits on the shower head? I don’t. We couldn’t figure out how to clean ours very well without making it worse or seeming to have no effect, so we ended up replacing ours ever few months. The good news is that we recently learned you can tie a bag of vinegar around it for a half hour or so, and it breaks down all the grime and hard water deposits on the shower head without any work. You just have to scrub it lightly when you remove the bag, and then you rinse it; what an easy concept.

Dryer Sheets for Bathtubs

I won’t be able to do this, but my husband now swears by it in the girls’ downstairs bathroom. He can use a dryer sheet on the tub to clean up everything! You know that nasty line that seems to form around the edge where the kids fill the water up and then sit in their own dirty water while playing (do you see why I have tub issues?)? Well, you can rub that right off with a dryer sheet. The added bonus is that it does smell quite nice, too.

Try out a few of the ingenious tips we’ve learned about bathroom cleaning, and let us know how they work for you. Have they completely changed your life as far as cleaning the bathroom is concerned? We love so many of these ideas, and we hope you do, too.

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