A Few Quick Pick-Me-Up Tips

As a Florida native, I know that just because it’s raining doesn’t mean it will continue for long. Usually it lasts for 20 minutes before disappearing and looking like it never rained a drop, but the past week here in the good old sunshine state has been anything but sunshine and happiness. I usually love a rainy day; my kids nap longer, I can curl up with a good book and my coffee (or my laptop and work) and listen as my kids play in their rooms. However, a week of this is enough, and today I was just in a very “blah” kind of mood. Fortunately, I know a few tips that help me out of my funk; and the best part is that they work in a matter of minutes.


Chewing a piece of peppermint gum or sucking on one makes you instantly happier because the scent incites a nerve that arouses your alertness.


Stopping to smell the roses is not just a bland statement people use to tell people to slow down and relax. The scent – or vision – of any flower is enough to make you feel more cheerful in an instant.


The sunlight has a way of making you feel much better. This is because it produces a chemical in your body that makes you feel less stressed, happier, and much more alert. Put on your sunglasses and head outdoors to feel better instantly. The best part is that spending only five minutes outside is enough to make you feel more cheerful for up to two hours.


Eating cereal with a lot of fiber makes you feel better longer, because it helps to slow down the length of time it takes for you to absorb your food, which will prevent you from crashing later in time.


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