3 Tips Every New Mom Can Use to Help Stay Sane

The life of a new mom can be hectic, crazy and sometimes confusing. Before baby was born you undoubtedly thought you’d be the exceptional mother whose baby was perfect; she’d sleep through the night, you’d look perfect, your house would look perfect and outings would be as simple as ever. Now that your new little bundle of joy has arrived, you don’t know what on time looks like, a solo shower or trip to the restroom is unheard of and the thought of straightening your hair is fleeting. Here are a few ways you can prevent yourself from going completely crazy when your new baby is born.

Admit the Difficulties

Once you’re willing to admit that being a new mom is a lot harder than you ever imagined, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to deal with. Admitting your imperfections is the first step. Admitting that it’s difficult can help you learn to live with the fact that your life is forever changed and that perfection isn’t something you’ll ever attain.

Hold Your Baby

When you’re going crazy as a new mom and you realize that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get things done, just hold your baby and enjoy the moment. You won’t have a lot of days in which she will allow you to do this and one day she’ll be so busy with her own life that you’ll have all the time in the world…and you will miss today.

Set a Goal

Even if your goal is to get up at a certain time and take a shower and do your hair before the baby wakes up, set one attainable goal every day as a new mom. You’ll feel so good when you meet this goal that you will likely forget about all the things you wanted to do but aren’t doing.


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