3 Resolutions for a More Confident You

The New Year is less than a week away and everyone and their mother is making up a list of New Year Resolutions – or at least talking about them in passing. One of the most popular resolutions people make is to turn the New Year into their most fabulous one yet. The easiest way to do this is to build more confidence. Once you have the confidence to change your life, you can make it happen. These three resolutions are little ones that will help you develop the kind of confidence you need to make even bigger changes.

Wear Red Lipstick

It might not seem like a big resolution to make, but believe me when I tell you that it is. There’s something amazing about the feeling red lipstick offers to a woman. You’ll feel powerful, gorgeous and more confident than ever before. Suddenly you won’t seem intimidated by anything (thanks lipstick) and you’ll find it easier to portray this confidence in every aspect of your life.

Use Ladylike Polish

Believe it or not, the color you choose to use on your nails can make you feel more confident. Make it a resolution in the coming year to choose ladylike colors such as shades of pale pinks, peaches and even bold reds. It’s time to put the days of blues and purples and greens with glitter and design behind you and look like a lady. Leave the funky colors to your little ones.

Drink More Water

Okay, this is a resolution everyone needs to make for no other reason than it means drinking less of the gross stuff. Water is so good for your body and you should drink more of it. Make it a point to drink more water and you’ll begin to see great changes in your body. Your skin will improve, your hair will become shinier, you’ll feel fuller longer and actually start to notice a bit of weight loss thanks to your lack of hunger…there’s about a million reasons to drink more water this year.

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