3 Negative Things to Stop Saying Now

If you were to keep track of how many negative things you say every single day, do you think you’d be surprised at the outcome? Do you think you say fewer negative things that you really think or do you think you’d be surprised to realize how negative you are, considering you think you’re a pretty positive person? While I don’t have the answer to that, I feel pretty confident that the vast majority of us have something negative to say at least once a day; and that’s not good. Every time you say something negative, you increase your chances of suffering from depression and anxiety, which is why you should stop saying these negative things immediately.

Look At My…

Arm pit fat, thick thighs, stomach roll, droopy eyes, double chin, pasty skin…the list goes on and on. How many times a day do you fall into the trap of talking about your self-perceived ugly body parts? Actually, it doesn’t matter because even once a day is too much. You are an amazing woman with an amazing, individual body that is never going to be like anyone else’s; embrace it. You make yourself feel much worse when you think and say negative things about yourself, which makes you unhappy and self-critical.

You Never….

Pick up your underwear off the bathroom floor, send me flowers, make me feel loved, wash my car, change dirty diapers…again, the list goes on. When you utter these negatives to your significant other, not only do you make him feel bad, you run the risk of causing depression and potential marital problems. Remember what your mother said? If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. You wouldn’t want your husband saying those things to you, so don’t say them to him. If you’re going to utter the words, “You never,” it better be followed with, “Disappoint me in bed.”

I’m Sorry…

For bumping into you when clearly you were the one who bumped into me, that you had a bad day even though it wasn’t my fault in the least, or disagree with someone else’s opinion. Never apologize for something you did not do or you do not believe. Stand up for yourself and your own importance. Apologizing for no reason only diminishes your self-worth.


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