3 Amazing Tips that Will Transform Your Life

There isn’t someone in this world who doesn’t have some really amazing tip that just makes life easier. One of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” or “That is absolutely genius,” type of tip. Maybe you can’t think of yours off the top of your head because it’s something you are too accustomed to. However, we have three really amazing tips that are so simple, so genius that you’ll be left wondering why you didn’t think of that.

Rubber Bands

By placing a thick rubber band around your next can of paint, you can wipe excess paint off of your paint brush as you remove it from the can without making a mess. No more paint all over the sides of your cans, dripping down the sides. No more towels or newspaper or old rags needed to set your can on top of, because you’re not going to make a mess ever again. Excess paint drips right back into your can.

New Shoes

Ever wear a pair of new shoes around your house for a day or two to break them in (while simultaneously breaking your feet with blisters and pain)? Now there’s a way to do this without worrying about blisters and pain. All you need is a pair of thick socks and a hair dryer. Turn the dryer on high and aim it at your shoes. Next, put your sock-clad feet into the shoes and continue drying. This will help to stretch the shoes to your feet and make them comfortable to wear. The socks help you prevent yourself from burning from the heat.

Pen on Leather

We’ve all been there. Our two-year-old calls our names and with a big smile shows us her gorgeous art work. On the leather couch. That was delivered a week ago. That was written in pen. After using wipes, leather cleaner and everything else you can think of; the pen marks are still there. All you have to do is spray them asap with hairspray and watch for a few minutes as the pen comes out of the leather and wipes right up. Tip – the faster you get the hairspray, the easier it is to remove.


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