15 Things You Need to Give Up to Live Happier


Everyone is always giving you advice on things you need to have to be happier. You need a better job, you need a fulfilling relationship, you need kids, you need a new car, you need to move somewhere else and get away from this place. The list of things people think they need to be happier (maybe you just need them to mind their own business) but it seems like it would be a lot easier to be happy if you cleaned house. After all, aren’t you happier when you clean out all of your clutter? Read on for 15 ways you can clean up the clutter in your mind and live a happier life.



The guy at the coffee shop with all the tattoos isn’t weird or strange. The woman who walks her dog at 2 am every morning isn’t a freak. Fear leads to labels and you don’t want fear in your life. Everyone is different, and you need to stop fearing their differences and start accepting them.



Just like your dog didn’t really eat your homework, there is no reason you cannot apply for your dream job or end the relationship that doesn’t make you happy. Excuses mask fear. Stop making them and start making yourself happy.


The Past

It happened. Maybe it was good. Maybe it was bad. Whatever it was, that’s just it; it was. It’s over. Get over it. Leave it in the past. You can’t be happy in the present if you’re still worried about yesterday. You cannot change it so why worry?

Sad Teenage Girl


Fear is an illusion you provide yourself with to talk yourself out of doing things. Stop fearing things and start doing them, accepting them and dealing with them.



Honey, it happened and it happened because you let it. Don’t blame things on anyone but yourself. Your life did not turn out like this because your mom was mean to you growing up; it happened because of how you reacted to that.


Defeating Self-Talk

Do not allow that inner voice to tell you that you can’t do something, that you aren’t good enough/pretty enough/thin enough/smart enough/ambitious enough or that you are not worthy. You are. Now stop pretending you aren’t.


The Need to be Right

Sometimes, being right isn’t nearly as important as being happy. If you constantly find yourself arguing even after things have been resolved, take a moment to remind yourself that being happy is better is better than being right.

The Need to Control

Yes, it’s nice to be in control but you can cause yourself a great deal of stress and anxiety if you don’t learn to let go of things that you cannot control. The weather, for instance? How is it at all productive to be upset about the weather when it’s out of your control?


Limiting Beliefs

Possible, impossible, can, cannot; these are limiting beliefs. You can do anything. Nothing is impossible. Give up the negatively and the limiting beliefs and learn to live a happy life with a lot to offer.



Hey, guess what? Things aren’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. Why waste your time complaining about all the imperfections in the world when you could make yourself a lot happier focusing on all the things that are currently perfect in the world?


Resistance to Change

Change is scary, but it’s good. Even if it doesn’t look like it’s a good change right now, later on you’ll look back with clarity and realize that the good part of that change was right in front of your face. Remember; everything happens for a reason. Go with the flow.



Really, what’s the point of being attached to that blouse? You wore it in the 8th grade, which I will remind you was 17 years ago. You aren’t going to wear it again. Give it up. The same goes for all things you have let yourself become attached to. Give it up. Things come and go.


Living Up to the Expectations of Everyone Else

So what if you’re a writer who has a couple of kids, stays home and works at the dining room table while they climb all over you and your husband is a banker when your parents wanted you to be a doctor? You should live your life that way you want to. Not the way other people want you to.


Criticism (Unless it’s Constructive)

No one is happy when all the do is criticize others, which is one of the reasons why you should give it up. When you take the time to criticize, whether it’s yourself or someone else, you are focusing on the negatives instead of the positives.


Need to Impress

No one cares what you drive, where you live and how much you paid for your shoes (unless you found a pair of Louboutins on sale, and then I care). Stop living your life to impress and start living it to make yourself happy. When you stop worrying about what everyone else has and what they may or may not think of you – you’ll be a lot happier.


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