15 Reasons Moms Are the Best


Mother’s Day is a mere two days away and I think that it’s time to think about all the reasons we love our mothers…well, all the reasons most of us love our moms. Whether she gave birth to you without any pain medication (uphill in the snow with no shoes or coat both ways…maybe that was a different story I heard throughout my life), she adopted you or she came into your life by complete fate, the woman you consider your mother is special, wonderful and pretty darn awesome. Read on to find out 15 reasons moms rock.


Moms Make Us Feel Better

Whether it was by putting a band-aid on a boo-boo, holding your hand through your first heartbreak or telling you how proud you make her the day you graduated college, moms always know how to make us feel better.


They Make Fun of Us

Face it, moms like to make fun of their offspring, especially when we reach a certain age. Without their kidding and jokes, we wouldn’t be nearly as hilarious and awesome as we currently are.


Moms Love Our Kids

When we don’t love them as much as usual (think throwing a salsa covered fork at an innocent diner in a restaurant), our moms do. Grandmas are much cooler than moms, and we can kind of see why.


Moms Put Us In Our Place

When we’re being selfish or ridiculous or plain crazy, moms put us in our places. They remind us that the world does not revolve around us, that we’re the only ones who care about it or that no one else even noticed. Moms know when to tell us to sit down and shut it and they know when to tell us to get up and take a stand. Moms just know.


They Make Great Friends

Okay, so as a teen you probably didn’t think so, but now that you’re an adult you get it. Moms are good friends. They’re the best friends, actually.


Mom Can Cook

Even if she’s not exactly Paula Deen, your mom can make something that just knocks your socks off every single time. Or else she’s a really great order-er. Either way, she keeps you fed and that’s a pretty great reason to love her.


Moms Are Resourceful

How many times did you forget to tell your mom you needed 12 dozen cookies 10 minutes before you needed them? Without any ingredients on hand and without a store in sight, moms always manage to pull through. How? We don’t know. But they do.


Moms Wipe Things No One Else Wants To

It’s true. Think about it. Your mom probably flinches at the thought of wiping someone else’s snotty nose or dirty bottom, but she did it for you for a long time (though hopefully not IN a long time) without a second thought. You pretty much owe her for that one.


Mom’s the Best Nurse

She can make you feel better. She can make your tummy stop aching. She tucks you in like no one’s business. She’s the only one who knows the right tone for your favorite lullaby or the right voices for your favorite stories. Moms make the best chicken soup and un-package saltine crackers like a world-class champ.


Moms Give the Best Hugs

There’s something about a hug from mom that just makes everything seem right. Moms give the best hugs. They know how long to hold on, how tight to squeeze and how much you love them.


They’re Great Cheerleaders

Moms make great cheerleaders. Even if you were royally embarrassed by her completely pride and excitement at every softball/football/cheer competition/gymnastics meet/track meet you participated in, she was the best cheerleader there and you know it.


Moms Teach Us Everything

From how we wrap our Christmas gifts to how we arrange our kitchen, everything we do we learned from mom. Even if we don’t do it exactly the same, we have most of her good ideas in mind and we tend to do things a lot like mom.


Moms Clean Up

That’s right. How can you not love the woman who takes it upon herself to start cleaning the giant mess your guests left at your child’s birthday party or who starts picking up the Christmas wrapping paper while you’re still helping kids put batteries in toys? Moms are awesome.

Mother Resting Head on Infant's Chest

Moms Know Everything

Moms do know everything. I can’t remember ever asking my mom a question without receiving a really good answer, even if it took her a while to find the answer.


Moms Love Us

More than anyone in the world, moms love their kids. They love us when we are great and they love us when we are complete jerks. They love us and nothing changes that kind of love.


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