10 Great Ways To Get Yourself Out of a Funk


Ever wake up in a mood you just can’t explain? It’s not a bad mood, per say, but it’s not a good mood. It’s the kind of mood when you just can’t seem to find peace or happiness. You’re not upset or angry or stressed; you’re just in a funk. It happens from time to time and it’s frustrating. It seems nothing you do can get you out of your funk, even when you’re doing something you typically love. These moods are certainly no fun, and they’re not easy to get rid of no matter how hard you try. The feeling that nothing can get through to you, the despair and the frustration that comes with this type of feeling is often worse than just being in a bad mood, since those tend to pass quickly. If you’re the kind of person who occasionally struggles with these awful moods, let us help you shake your funk with one of these helpful solutions.

Connect with Someone

When you’re in a funk, the deep connection that you find with someone else can have a major impact on your day. You can actually create happy moments and a feeling of ‘aliveness’ in your heart and mind when you connect with someone else. Get out and get connecting whether it’s with family, friends or someone in your church, local school or library.

Do Something out of the Ordinary

When you’re in a funk, do something you would not ordinarily do. Sometimes we need to break up the monotony to create a mood we don’t ordinarily find ourselves in. This might be as simple as going out of your way to go get a coffee at your favorite shop even though it’s a longer drive than you’d care to make or just ditching something you have to do today and rescheduling it so you can do something else.

Be Grateful and Show It

Gratitude can change your entire attitude for an entire day. So the next time you are feeling like you feel as if you are in a funk, go ahead and express your gratitude for or about something. Tell someone that something they did made you feel good, or thank someone for something you wouldn’t ordinarily thank them for. Their surprise and happiness is bound to get you out of your funk in no time at all.

Find an Object that makes you Happy

Sometimes a tangible piece of something is all it takes to make you feel good. Find something that does this for you, whether it’s a photo of someone you love or an object someone gave you that brings back good memories. When you’re in a funk, break it out and sit back for a few moments thinking about why this particular item makes you feel good and what it means to you.

Be Someone’s Angel for the Moment

Do something nice for someone they’re not expecting. Even if they don’t know about it, or they’re not expecting it, or they never find out who did it for them, the knowledge that you’ve done something nice for someone is often enough to change your entire outlook to one of appreciation and thankfulness. It’s hard to be upset when you have a grateful heart.

Get Rid of “C” Words from your Vocabulary

Comparison and complaining are awful words it’s time to get rid of. Stop comparing your life to that of others and stop complaining about all that is wrong in the world. Instead, look to all that is good in the world. Look to all the things that you have that make you happy and make you feel good. Look to what works for you and what makes you feel good. Stop using these words and watch your life change.


It’s not really a surprise to hear that a good bout of exercise can change your entire life. You can exercise all you want and feel good about it when you are finished. Exercise is a good motivator, it helps you feel good and it helps to take away some of the stress you feel in real life.

Take a Few Deep Breaths

Yoga, or the practice of deep breathing, is so beneficial to your mood. Your mindset and your feelings are generated by the way that you feel, and the practice of deep breathing can help you change the way that you feel. Close your eyes, count to 10 and wait to feel better. It really does work; trust me. I’m the mother of four little ones and when I take the time to do this when they make me crazy, I instantly feel just a little bit calmer and more relaxed. It really does work.

Get Out of the House/Office

The funk you’re feeling is going to improve if you can change your surroundings. Perhaps you need to get outdoors and take a walk. You should go somewhere that you wouldn’t ordinarily go, or go somewhere you love and spend too little time. The park, a beautiful tree-lined street, that store that always makes you feel good because of nothing more than the way it smells inside; these are all things that can make you feel so good and so happy in less than a few moments time.

Turn on the Music

Music has a way of reaching the soul. There is, my friends, literally a lyric for everything you’re going through right now. Music also has a way of taking you back to a time when things were better, happier, and more content. When I’m feeling like I’m in a bit of a funk, I turn on the radio to one of my favorite old school stations so I can hear the music I listened to when I was a carefree teen living the life I always wanted and enjoying the simplicity of youth I didn’t learn to appreciate until I was much older. Just trust me on this one; hearing that song you danced to with your high school boyfriend is going to make you smile. It’s inevitable.

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