Woman Wouldn’t Give Up On Her Husband After He Was Left In A Coma


Remember “The Vow,” with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams? It’s the Nicholas Sparks book-turned-movie about a woman who was in a car accident with her husband, left comatose for a while only to awaken and not remember her husband at all? Well, it was inspired by a true story and it seems that it’s happened again to a young couple by the names of Matt and Danielle. Just 7 months after they wed in 2011, Matt was in a car accident that left him comatose. His doctors told his new bride that he only had a 10% chance of ever waking up from his coma and that his quality of life from that point forward would be basically nothing.

The doctors informed the young wife they would pull the plug if it was their family member, and that they would want her to pull the plug if they were her husband. Despite their advice, however, Danielle made the decision to keep her husband on life support for the rest of his life – however long that might be. She spent three months caring for her husband day and night, changing his bed pan, rolling him over, feeding him and giving him more than 20 medications every single day. She documented every moment of their journey on a Facebook page she created for her husband. Miraculously, after three months of nothing – her husband began to show signs of alertness.

When he woke up, he was able to tell them that he wanted his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant, and his family knew that he would be all right. There was only one real issue with which the newlyweds had to contend; Matt did not remember his wife from before their accident.

Over the past four years, Danielle has worked 24 hours a day with her husband to help him regain his normal voice, to remember her and to fall in love with her all over again, which has been very successful. She even helped him take his first steps in almost four years recently after his 2011 accident. The couple is working on their marriage and his health, and it is the kind of love story that is just so inspiring.

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