Watch this 103-Year Woman Finally Get to Graduate High School

high school

Education is the most important gift you can ever provide yourself. Learning is not something that we are forced to do for reasons unknown. We might not see it that way as children since we’d likely much rather be doing anything else – playing, sleeping, eating… As adults, however, it’s much easier to see why we need an education. That’s why it’s so surprising how low high school graduation rates are across the country as a whole. Not only is it a free education, it’s a shorter day than a real job – and adults working 9-5 can’t remember why they didn’t enjoy leaving school at 2 pm. But not everyone can graduate high school. Some kids are bullied. Some are living in situations so dire a job is a requirement to keep food on the table or a roof over the heads, and that doesn’t leave time for school. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go back to school and obtain that education.

In fact, if you need some inspiration for this reason specifically, you can take a look at 103-year-old Marie Hunt. The Wisconsin native just graduated high school with her diploma. The new graduate was forced to drop out of school in the 1920s when she was in the eighth grade. Her family lived far out into the country and getting to school was too much work. Additionally, she was responsible for caring for eight other children in her household. Not being able to finish school is something she has regretted for almost 90 years, and she’s finally able to put her regrets away and replace them with accomplishment. She completed her classes and was able to receive a diploma while walking in front of her assisted living facility friends in a cap and gown. Her pride is unparalleled and her dream is finally a reality.

Photo by Fox2News


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