WATCH: A 100 Year Old Woman See the Ocean for the Very First Time


A woman by the name of Ruby Holt had only one wish for her 101st birthday.  That wish was simply to see the ocean for the very first time.   For most of her 100 years spent on earth, Holt was on a farm in rural Tennessee where she would pick cotton.   At the time Holt neither had the time or money to do anything like go to a beach.  This month, only a few weeks shy of her 101st birthday, that all changed.

Thanks to Holt’s assisted-living center, they were able to get in contact with the Wish of a Lifetime organization.  The result?  An all expense paid for trip to the Gulf of Mexico.  “I’ve heard people talk about it and how wonderful it was and wanted to see it, but I never had the opportunity to do so,” she said.

Holt was provided with a motorized wheelchair equipped with thicker tires that would get better traction on the sand.  Also, she was able to walk on the beach to feel the water hit her toes.   Holt admitted she’d never seen anything as big as the ocean before and when asked how she felt all she kept saying in the chilly November morning was “It’s Cold”

Check out this amazing video of Holt’s experience.


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