University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono Turns Down Bonus, Donates Money to Charity and Scholarships

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono is making headlines, and unlike many others in his position, it’s not any type of bad reason. No, instead, Ono is getting recognition for the fact that, for the third year in a row, he has turned down his annual bonus. And what makes this year extra special is that Ono isn’t simply refusing to take the $200,000 he’s entitled to; no, instead, he’s using that money to help numerous charities and create new scholarships for soon-to-be and current University of Cincinnati students.

Since becoming the university’s president in 2012, Ono has consistently said “no” to his yearly bonus, something I’ve certainly never seen any other college president do. What’s more, though, is how, as stated above, Ono is using this year’s $200,000 to do some good in the world, including giving $10,000 to the family of Cincinnati Police Officer Sony Kim, who was shot and killed last week in the line of duty. Here’s how Ono requested that the remaining $190,000 be divided among 13 other recipients:

– 10 $5,000 UC scholarships

– 10 $2,000 staff awards

– $10,000 for the faculty Senate to use at its discretion

– $15,000 for Gen-1 House, which houses and supports first-generation college students

– $15,000 for Hughes STEM High School

– $15,000 for Taft Information Technology High School

– $10,000 for DePaul Cristo Rey School

– $10,000 for the Reds Community Fund

– $5,000 for UC’s LGBTQ Center

– $10,000 for Cincinnati Young Artists

– $10,000 for MyCincinnati Ambassador Ensemble

– $10,000 for Center for Respite Care

– $10,000 for Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses

Many people nowadays are (understandably) frustrated with the continually rising college tuition prices, which keep making it more and more difficult for individuals to attend schools that they, grade-wise, should be able to enroll in. However, with figures like Ono out there, hopefully establishing a new example that other university presidents will follow, perhaps people can become a little bit more optimistic about their future in college and whatever awaits them after they graduate.

[Photo credit: Scripps Media, Inc. via WCPO]


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